We are an online platform that brings resident practitioners & spaces together through a vision of making wellness more accessible to Sri Lankans'  by way of community-centered wellness, decolonization of the wellness space  & scholarships for the training of teachers.

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Our team is an organically evolving community of wellness practitioners from Sri Lanka. Konectiv wellness is all about community healing through meaningful connections. We contribute 1% of each session and retreat we do to a fund that is set up towards creating a grassroots network of community healers so that "wellness" is accessible to all Sri Lankans.

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"It's safe to say that after a rough year, I was genuinely looking forward to even just stepping out of the city. I went in with no expectations but trust and excitement that I was to be amidst those that prioritized mindful wellness."
Kalpanee Gunawardana
Model , Actor - Activist - Consultant - Entrepreneur 
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