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About Us

Konectiv Wellness is a startup platform that aims to showcase Sri-Lankan wellness practitioners. Our goal is to offer eastern & indigenous healing tools to promote everyday healing by connecting to self, nature & community. Our grassroots organization was manifested with the idea of normalizing mental health & well-being in Sri Lanka. We believe that wellness is a birthright & must be accessible to everyone regardless of ethnicity, gender, or social status.


The founders of Konectiv Wellness (Jude & Sala) are southern-based Yoga practitioners and have been creating community-centered retreats since January 2021. We believe in practicing wellness in a way that it reflects positively on the quality of life by giving value to the spirit and purpose in our communities both local & global.

Core values

Always embrace self & collective healing

We are in the business of promoting wellness & well-being as a birthright. Our growth in all forms will encapsulate a movement to create meaningful connections to self, nature & community.

Be truthful, Authentic & Daring

Ego check is a part of our value system. We always try to learn, unlearn & communicate with an open heart.
Vulnerability is a part of our culture and we trust each other to hold space for conversations without judgment.

Celebrate the bigger picture

This is how we stay out of the colonized wellness module. We are here to stay true to our message and that can be challenging at times. We celebrate the bigger picture as a reminder to stay on our path of community-centered wellness through connection.

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Our Philosophy

We believe Sri Lanka has infinite potential to grow and flourish as a community known in the space of wellness as we once did in our past. Our island is blessed with amazing unique people, ancestral healing practices & breathtaking natural beauty, we have everything to offer and more. We believe that we can rise from the ashes of our countries' tragic unconscious past a stronger people with the ability to heal ourselves and all those around us.  

We want to highlight local practitioners because we believe our cultural diversity & our history make us unique in our approach to healing as well as our outlook towards life. 

We see wellness or the act of healing as a movement. A flow of energy towards a space where we thrive and not just exist to exit.

Simply put we offer you:

An infinite journey of self-discovery together with like-minded individuals.

A space to connect to our true nature via Mother nature.

A community experience - wellness is for everyone. Wellness that is inclusive where its benefits are enjoyed by grassroots community by way of creating and training a network of healers across Sri lanka.

Join us

If you are a Sri Lankan wellness practitioner OR own a space that you would like to dedicate towards the practice of wellness and healing. Join our platform and support our vision to promote everyday healing and give back to creating the heart space needed for the new vibrant thriving Sri Lanka.

Click the "fill in your details" button below to send us your detes and digits or scroll to the bottom for our contact details & socials!

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