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Healing through Music, Movement & Art

Healing is a creative process. It is a self-exploration into the unknown to discover hidden strengths and our amazing inbuilt ability to better ourselves with every breath. Konectsense is a specially crafted healing experience for everyday people to release stress and invite self-regeneration by allowing our mind, body, and soul to be free and wildly creative in a curated communal setting in beautiful Kalamatiya - Sri lanka.

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The idea behind konectsense

Creativity is meditation in motion.


All forms of creative self-expression stimulate the hippocampus; its biological manifestation creates connections in our brain, opening up advanced emotional intelligence to spark. This same effect occurs during and after deep meditative states.


Konectsense is a retreat that offers up a wellness bubble for self-exploration, community & nature. Experience meditations of various forms: walking, dancing, moving, drawing, breathing, silence, spinning, mindful conversation & just gazing into the eyes of nature. 

The experience

Elemental ceremonies to ground, connect and cultivate gratitude.

Wake up with free flow dance - Develop sound and spatial awareness through free movement. 

Mandala Meditation - Talk and understand and draw connections & patterns of life.

Guided introduction Breathwork & gentle yoga asana (posture).  

“Water world” a guided moving meditation.

Locally & regionally sourced nourishment.

“Silent steps” walks in rustic Kalametiya to explore our connection to nature.

Let go with fire - a talk circle about holding space for emotions.

Henna talk circle - Let go with community & creativity.

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3 days 2 nights
for groups of 10 participants


(All inclusive/USD)
Double occupancy $650 
Single occupancy private $500
Single occupancy shared $350

Transport can be arranged on request for an additional charge
More details -

call +94 71 691 2705 (Jude) 
or fill out the contact form below.

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