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Dulini Maheshika - Native Intelligence

Dulini Maheshika is a Sri Lankan-American painter, writer, dancer, nature lover and mystic by heart; A yogini by nature. Her passions have taken her across the globe to over 30 countries in pursuit of universal truths, cultural wisdoms, and human arts.

Her life is devoted to cultivating Native Intelligence on a personal and universal level – reviving cultural and human arts and wisdom through encouraging a deep love and compassion within the Self that ultimately transcends the individual human to the world at large. By raising consciousness for humanity through authentic Self-acknowledgment and awareness, healing and sacred arts, and community building she doesn’t just believe, she knows, we can revive the strength and courage of the “I” so that we may truly access the greater “We” and strive toward a more productive and harmonious ecology of #Being Human in these modern and constantly ‘evolving' times.

Jude & Sala met Dulini at the start of this year in the midst of lockdowns and our dialogue actively brought us to creating "Embodying Wholeness" A social discussion & community experience inviting us deeper into what it means to embody wholeness by exploring the roles of masculine & feminine. We kick off with an Instgram LIVE! on @konectivewellness Thursday 29th July.

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