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Embodying Wholeness - Episode 2 Panel discussion

We are thrilled to present this panel discussion tomorrow to dive into embodying wholeness. Last week we kicked things off with a live discussion on wholeness and ways to embrace it.

We talked about the concept of wholeness and healing through embracing masculine & feminine spirits within us. We listened to our audience about their experience and opened up the conversation for decolonization, community mental health & gender roles as important milestones towards the path of wholeness.

Please join our panel discussion tomorrow to listen to the experts in their respective fields to continue the conversation on embodying wholeness.

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Introducing our panel:

Ranmalee Araliya Perera -

Ranmalee Perera teaches ESL at North Orange Continuing Education, Anaheim Campus and at the ESL/Linguistics Department, Long Beach City College. Ms. Perera earned her Master's degree in Applied Linguistics and a TESL Certificate from California State University Long Beach. She has also done extensive post-graduate work with migrant farm workers at the University of Kentucky; where she received her Bachelor's degree and at Pennsylvania State University. For the past 20 years, she has specialized in the study of post-colonial language planning policy, multiculturalism, equity, and minority language valorization in the contexts of civil war in Sri Lanka. Her interest in language and educational policy in the post-colonial context began while teaching at the Refugee Assistance Program at Long Beach City College. This experience working with refugees from Cambodia, Vietnam and Eritrea and her work in Sri Lanka with IDP's and alternate economies informs her present work and research. Most recently, her research is centered on the polemics of language among marginalized populations and its effects on applied critical pedagogy and the systemic inequities in education. Moreover, she is currently engaged in applied research in immigration and refugee rights and DACA advocacy. Ms. Perera has taught English and conducted language research in Sri Lanka, Mexico, California and Nevada.

Connect with Ranmalee on Instagram - @vedaspices, @rootsnrivers

Nivendra Uduman

Nivendra Uduman is a Counselling Psychologist and Psychotherapist with seven years of experience in the field of mental health in Sri Lanka. His key interests are community mental health awareness, suicide prevention, psychological first aid and individual psychotherapy.

Vraie Calley Balthazaar

Meet Vraie. She is a feminist researcher and activist.

With a background in media, Vraîe is currently reading for her MA in Women and Gender Studies.

Connect with Vraie - Instagram


Deepthi has one of the most simple yet profound pages on Instagram - We see it as a very special social experiment. We invited her to come on board and share her experience and story with us tomorrow. She is Sri Lankan/ German-born and raised in Berlin, currently living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. She has an academic background in medicine, anthropology, and gender studies. Now working as a German language teacher at Goethe- Institut Colombo. She is a writer, screenwriter, activist, and one of our favorite Instagrammers.

Connect with her on instagram Instagram

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