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Kalpanee Gunawardana on her experience at Mindful Nature Kukuleganga

Kalpanee Gunawardana is a Model she says "Professional 64 Mayam Performer" on her insta she is an: Actor - Activist - Consultant - Entrepranuer - Advocate for diverse media representation - Storyteller and an amazing strong outspoken and wise young Sri Lankan goddess. We met Kalpanee when she joined our "Community Meditation" programs online throughout lockdown 2021. We love how she sees the world and puts it into everything she embodies, so we invited her to be a part of our pilot program of MINDFUL NATURE KUKULEGANGA together with the crew from in December 2021 and let us know her intentions and experience notes.

It's safe to say that after a rough year, I was genuinely looking forward to even just stepping out of the city. I went in with no expectations but trust and excitement that I was to be amidst those that prioritised mindful wellness.
The weekend could not have been more perfect. Fantastic hosts, well planned retreat, company, accomodation, surroundings, great food and conversation.
Aside from the daily activities our down time was filled with beautiful connections, poetry, reflection, deep restful sleep and art.
My 2022 has already begun, I couldn't recommend this experience more."
Click here to join 2022 mindful nature experience.

Kalpanee appears in Sri Lankan director Maya bastians' work "TIGRESS" a film that explores the phenomena of militant rebellions. It addresses the disparity between diaspora youth who rebel with drugs and partying, and the youth who rebel by arming themselves and going to war.

Writer/Director: Maya Bastian Editor: Ben Lee Allan Graphics: Susan Armstrong Music: R|Code Produced by: Jar Pictures, Lumi Creative & Blackout Media

Kals' interview on Shhh!. Shanuki chats with feminists, models and advocates Kalpanee Gunawardana and Devni Wimalasena on the challenges of social acceptance that many deeper-coloured Sri Lankans struggle with through their lives.

We also found this interview with Kal online.

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