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KONECTSENSE - Heal through creative expression

Healing is a creative process. It is a self-exploration into the unknown to discover hidden strengths and our amazing inbuilt ability to better ourselves with every breath. Konectsense is a specially crafted healing experience for everyday people to release stress and invite self-regeneration by allowing our mind, body, and soul to be free and wildly creative in a curated communal setting.

All forms of creative self-expression stimulate the hippocampus; its biological manifestation creates connections in our brain, opening up advanced emotional intelligence to spark.

Our bodies love novelty and thrive on discovery. Creativity brings satisfaction as we solve the challenges of our daily lives in our own unique way. When we are stressed or anxious often we can feel disengaged from this spark, and sometimes it feels as if we have no access to joy.

However, approaching the same problems creatively with awareness, we find a sense of purpose and ownership towards problem-solving and our own wellbeing. We are effortlessly always creating new ways to do things - whether we know it or not we are born creative beings; acknowledging this, we celebrate ourselves through our very existence. Come join us as we explore, connect and celebrate our human experience as living, breathing, moving, works of art.

What you can experience:

  • Elemental ceremonies to ground, connect and cultivate gratitude.

  • Develop sound and spatial awareness through movement.

  • Mandala Meditation - Talk and understand connections & patterns in life.

  • Guided introduction Breathwork & gentle yoga asana (posture) to create space within.

  • Community circle to share experiences and heal.

  • Locally & regionally sourced nourishment.

  • “Silent steps” walks in rustic Kalametiya to explore our connection to nature..

Meet your hosts:

Shifani Reffai aka @dingiribanda

A Colombo-based storyteller. She has worked for ten years in Sri Lankan print and digital media, and has traveled through India for studies in literature and documentation. She has battled her way through years of depression and anxiety, woven into a deep sustained interest in human psychology and the human experience. This has shown itself in her documentary filmmaking of marginalized communities. These events have trickled down to her current work: creating spaces that combine creativity with community healing. She currently integrates her studies in therapy, conflict resolution, language, and vipassana, into her dance meditation workshops. The goal is to try and help individuals empower themselves in a dissonant world, through connection with themselves, with community, and with nature.

Click here for more on our blog by Shifani

Arrvinda “Sala” Salwatura

Unawatuna-based Artist, designer and Creative partner of konectiv wellness. Sala has put himself through a rigorous unlearning process by way of lived experience. Upon quitting an illustrious career in the advertising industry he took up creativity in all its form and used it as a reflective tool to learn about life and all it offers. Sala believes that wellness is an artform and living is a very creative process. “Mandala Meditation” is an experience crafted by Sala - which is a deep dive into looking at life as an ever-evolving crystallized pattern or dance. A beautiful life we can have fun with by taking ownership and giving space to our innate creative soul.

Insta -

Jude Malindra Herath

Jude is a breathwork/yoga practitioner based in Unawatuna. He left the corporate world in search of community forward wellness and co-founded Konectiv Wellness. He has a background in EQ training & solution-based counseling and aspires to revive communal healing in Sri Lanka through creating retreats, talk circles & discussions around Sri Lankan Wellbeing.

Insta - @heyjudetravels


Situated on the wild and windy deep southern coast of Sri Lanka. ELEMENTS is a guidebook in minimal design. A staycation spot that is a hidden gem as it sits between lagoon and ocean, drooping with greenery from its vertical gardens. Elements has a large Yoga Shala, Salt water outdoor pool facing lawn and ocean as well as indoor chillout areas and spacious rooms that offer endless views.

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