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Natural Mystic

A guided meditation to form a deeper connection with nature.

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Join us on a meditation series created to form a deeper connection with nature. We are natural beings and we are nature itself. The modern majority human worldview has taken us away from everything natural - nature is life and medicine and the one system that offers us all the answers if we tune in and start listening.

Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm, and stable state. Wikipedia

I’d like to take this one step further and say that our natural state of being or our nature is accepting our natural presence. We are one with nature, nature is us and we are nature, and simply bringing our attention to this truth ignites bliss, one can safely say that the enlightenment we crave has been always waiting for us under a tree.

I scared myself to the core, the fear still reverberates in me to this day, but now this fear has transmuted into something positive which propels me to develop my wisdom and form meaningful connections with everything that represents the world at its best “the natural state of being”. I’ve spent a long time getting to know this feeling I now call “disconnection” which made me feel lost in crowded spaces, especially supermarkets, they gave me panic attacks of existential fear. This is probably why I feel so emotionally triggered by how powerless we are in the man-made slave trap we are born into. I immediately felt what some people feel when they see caged birds, the gut-wrenching hopelessness that feels an awful lot like hunger but much deeper in every way. This is one of the first truths I realized as I experienced one of my many existential crises. At 23 I thought I was “living the dream” and had my ducks and fucks in a tidy neat row. I would work my way up an invisible ladder rendered real by a collective imagination that is carefully curated by the powers that “be”. This ladder would open doors. It led me to fame, power, control over others, money, credit cards, access to loans, access through closed doors….. But all the while I was giving away the most natural pieces of myself and along with it sacrificing my connection to my ancestors, medicine, and integrity in exchange for an uninterrupted stream of wifi that propelled me up, higher and higher…. All the while being so afraid of falling, being on the ground level is so scary but in truth, the fear and pressure are tremendous as you go higher and higher on this ladder of acquisition towards final peace when you have everything your heart desires at your fingertips!!.

Somehow one day deep in the forests of Kodaikanal I was faced with the truth, that I was far away from the nature I craved to be with. The forests, the jungles, the rivers & the oceans screamed for my attention and asked me to stop everything I was doing and listen. I listened and I cried. I realized that the way I was living would never lead me to where I wanted to be; it was actually taking me further away from the bliss I knew and truly believe that life is all about. Worse yet my job was convincing more and more people by the millions to give up “bliss” turn their backs on the planet to raise a world devoid of nature - a world so polluted that we reflect it with our very beings, so dirty that even our imaginations are polluted beyond cognition - all this which has resulted in the cataclysmic lack of empathy we share for one another, the lack of respect for our natural self, the audacity to be led by misinformation and live in a perpetual state of unresponsiveness unless ordered to act by the voices that have tagged and numbered us to be easily manipulated within an artificial reality built on false promises. Sounds so fucked upright... It's true! The fear, the sometimes unprocessable rush of emotion, or the totally obvious lack of emotion we experience is very real. We are flooded with a stream of utterly useless choices that have invincible but disastrous consequences that are somehow nobody's fault!!?? These are the roots of all our problems.

We have consumed the earth's resources to the point of our own annihilation which is calculated to be very soon if we continue on this trajectory. But taking a step back - the guilt, shame and sheer magnitude of destruction humans have caused as a collective - This is causing us to live under this immense pressure, the guilt that we are responsible for destroying the world. We accept this pressure because we know nothing else but to take...Take what is given to us, not to complain but rise above and keep striving to rise above something that keeps piling on. Like trying to empty out a bathtub with a teaspoon while the drains are clogged and the tap is on full... The enormity of debt, poverty, sickness, war, inequality, and the absolute unfair nature of everything we face today. The burden and pressure are enormous. We all, well most of us, I say 99% of us, find it hard to breathe, it becomes that much more difficult at first when we close our eyes. I ask you to come to join me - close your eyes and feel like a community of people who see the answers in nature - spend a moment being conscious about our true nature and our place in nature as a unique individual being as well as a collective. We deserve to live in a greener, cleaner world! Why aren't we living like that?.. Why is it so difficult to live like that?.. Why does it seem like everything is against you once you change?... Why are we teaching our children to recycle whilst buying more and more plastic! Whilst we live in an economy scaled towards mindless consumption. How can this work? We have been thought to evolve as consumers driven to consume whilst its effects were deliberately hidden from the scenes - the utter hopelessness of modern choice. Our collective action has driven us to destroy and disconnect through miseducation willfully propagated by blind trust we placed on those who have failed to guide us. whoever we define ourselves to be, right now right here we stand facing the greatest destruction the earth has ever, we stand before the greatest destruction WE have seen and probably the last one we may see on earth. Do we continue to ignore our feelings or do we feel and realize that the truth is, if we belong here we need to start acting like it and the natural state of being in a natural world is our birthright, the alchemy of alchemy. We must first see ourselves in nature and let the answers flow, let those answers create a space for a more natural reality to emerge first from within us.

Let's start growing with every breath!

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