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Serena Burgess - The loving soul behind our upcoming global meditation

“Yoga (in all its many forms) is unified by the idea that the ultimate aim is liberation but I believe, that this goes beyond an esoteric idea of liberation and is actually a lived reality. Our liberation is directly linked to how we manifest our purpose in the world, here and now, each day.”

Serena Burgess- a 500hr British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher with 16 years of teaching experience and 21 years of yoga practice. She teaches hatha yoga classes and meditations with an emphasis on the translation of yoga philosophy into tools that we can benefit from in our everyday lives.

When I first met Serena at inner guru training, she came across as a teacher who had dedicated her life to yoga as a philosophy. She often mentioned the importance of community and the power certain rituals/mantras & tools have simply because of the collective intention behind them. And after spending weeks following her guided meditations, I was a believer, a convert, and a big fan of her sessions. Serena weaves yoga philosophy into breath-work and engages your attention effortlessly while connecting you to self & others. Her tools are powerful yet gentl

e; clear yet deeply meaningful. My experience with her meditations continues to be one of the biggest inspirations to practice community-forward mindfulness daily.

So please join us on the 21st for a practice guided by Serena. Let’s cultivate connection in a time of severe disconnection & heal together.

Practice with Serena Burgess

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