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A string of resolutions

Hello everyone!

First, thank you all for being a part of our Konectiv journey; 2021 was full of surprises and I'm certain it was for you as well. It was surreal to witness how unpredictable times bring all of us together simply because, underneath the collective suffering of last year, we strived to do better.

And I know it's that time of the year when some of us construct resolutions while some make fun of those who do. I just want to say that despite the noise, carry on with your resolutions; because why not?

Striving to be an ideal version of yourself doesn’t have to be unrealistic- you can be grateful for who you are and aspire to be more of that. I know it can be overwhelming to hold yourself accountable to evolve so I invite you to read my string of resolutions to embody a graceful approach to practice your own 2022 resolutions.

image by Danil Aksenov

  1. Treat your body like a temple. Even if you’re not devout, visit your temple at least once a day. Create a safe space for your breath to reside, offer at least one nourishing meal and listen to the wisdom in the nooks & crannies of this temple.

  2. Understand the process and be kind to yourself. We all strive for happiness; some of us get there faster than others - the pace is irrelevant so be kind to yourself on the way to your version of happiness. This means that we see the purpose behind setting up goals as a process of learning & unlearning from mistakes & drawbacks.

  3. Be more unapologetic. When we are in tune with our mind & body, something beautiful happens; we begin to see the stories our ego creates. When our ego feels seen & heard, our intuition blossoms. We begin to feel our spirit, our gut; our compass. Pay attention to situations that try to suppress this visceral indicator – be a rebel if you have to, not because you don’t value other opinions, simply because you have faith in yourself and what’s best for your transformation. So choose your intuition over noise and be unapologetic about it.

  4. Be more unpredictable. When you wake up, open up to the possibility of not knowing. Be mindful of your structure; what is required to do for you to evolve and do it willingly – leave the rest to the magic of fickleness.

  5. Be more of service. Give when you can. Start with your community. The biggest lesson of 2021 to me was how we all can give what we can to elevate each other. So help your loved ones whenever you can; this is how we save humanity.

I hope this string of resolutions will help you in some way to weave in a beautiful year filled with ease & grace.

All the love,



Konectiv Wellness

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