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The Konectiv team

J Malindra Herath

After spending years searching for places that offer tools to aid my mental health, I came to the conclusion that Sri Lanka lacks such a place and seekers such as myself tend to do what we can with what we have. When I finally left my corporate career, I began to see

this island for what it truly is; a place with wonderful healers, seekers and surreal tools to heal & become our authentic selves. My pursuit of this journey brought me to the paths of yoga, meditation, plant medicine, nature, art and sound therapy. I am a 200hr YTT yoga practitioner, SBC (solution based counselling) practitioner and a firm believer of ancestral and modern tools to cultivate inner peace. If you are a seeker, a healer or anything in between, I hope you find something purposeful at konectiv Wellness.

Arrvinda "Sala" Salwatura

I used to be an advertising hot-shot in my early years but I soon got jaded by the system and my role in advertising that was perpetuating it - so I quit my illustrious advertising career to immerse in a spiritual quest which has become my life's journey to date. I got YTT certified yoga practitioner but my true passion is in the practice of meditation & art - so I combined them and designed “Mandala Meditation” 5 years ago. The concentrated physical act of drawing a mandala triggers recognition of patterns, understanding flow and fluidity, and the power of bein

g present through the creative process. I am an artist, designer, and strategic consultant committed to developing conscious business models that strive for a more sustainable world through my role as co founder at Konectiv Wellness..

Dr Mangala Kumara.

Our consult

ant is well known for his practice in Ayurvedic Medicine and Treatments around the world. Dr Mangala Kumara is graduate from ..... on Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery, Diploma in Couns

elling Psychology , Diploma in Yoga and Meditation , Diploma in Acupuncture and he is qualified in many other areas as well. He won 3 gold medals for Anatomy, Materia Medica and Pediatrics during his Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery.

He has been handling patients from around the world and very conversant in languages of German and Japanese.

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