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Think Big- Symbolism behind the big head of Lord Ganesha

Even though the term “think big” might be one the most overused sayings, a motivational Band-Aid to kick start your day, or something you’d hear at sold out sales convention, if we remove the egocentric view- thinking big can be profound.

Ego says think big

Our egocentric-selves love to ponder in the individual mind so whenever we want to do something, we romanticize the big vision; it makes us feel special and motivated. This can be very short sighted because it undervalues the present moment or the joy of being in the process and it stifles the collective mind.

Wisdom also says think big

Tapping into our wisdom means to Introspect; to observe our thinking and emotional processes. This brings the collective embodiment into consideration; to see our mind as just ONE of the tools in our arsenal is to truly think big. Using our wisdom to think big is to observe how our minds are connected to breath, heart, gut and subtle energies- how our wholeness is connected to other beings, how it shapes our life experiences and how we form our realities. Embodied wisdom can be a delightful steppingstone towards inner peace.

So do think big: collectively.

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Sources: lord Ganesha

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