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Wellness - a birthright.

How do we practice wellness in uncertain times for Sri Lanka? For the past few weeks, Sri Lanka has been battling systemic failure; people are facing a massive shortage of essential goods, fuel, and competent governance. What we are seeing is collective suffering, and how we discern wellness matters now more that ever.

(Protest against the current government - Galle, Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka is a nation of resilience....Sort of. We are not new to this; we are seasoned through collective suffering; colonization, civil war, terrorist attacks, corrupt regimes & cultural conflict. We are experienced enough to teach a masterclass on how to bounce back. But the truth is that we are a nation of people forced to live in a space of resilience. It is not healthy resilience that contributes to the quality of life - It's forcefully submitted resilience, covered in shame, armed with blame, and fueled by sadness & anger; It's a smarmy version of resilience that leaves us with a lack of visceral connection to life. What we are witnessing right now is a revolutionary movement. It stems from decades of disconnection to ourselves, our nature and our people. And it is a manifestation of our society; how we have been fearful, unloving & indifferent towards injustice. But it feels like change - we are witnessing the power of rising above fear; the power of coming together for the right to live peacefully. We are also talking about our trauma; how we have hurt each other & the strength in becoming an ally for justice beyond politics, gender, class & ethnicity. We finally have momentum towards healing as one nation and there's so much more we can do in the space of wellness. How we move forward in the space of wellness matters. I grew up here; I live here because it feels like home. I, along with most people who work in this space, know how important it is to provide a safe space for people to heal & reconnect.

As wellness practitioners, we promote this island and its people; the paradise island, healing tools it has to offer, and the hospitality of its people. It is true, Sri Lanka is a great place to heal; from the oceans to mountains and everything in between, this land nurtures - she gently reminds us that we belong. She's impervious to subterfuge because she holds space for our struggles - our trauma. She creates a safe space to dissect our inner demons so we can be our authentic selves. That's what wellness embodies; a feeling of coming home to a safe space; this is at the core of what we ought to promote. This feeling is not only for the privileged; wellness is a birthright. It is the practice of pursuing and adding quality to life. I invite you to embody the spirit of wellness as our identity; always stand up for self-healing while including the message of collective healing - it is the highest form of honoring the roots of this land. Live by example; healing is a calling - one with the aim of creating space for others to live a better life. Give back, no matter how small or big; we all need each other - let's start by taking care of each other.

Become an ally by donating to help the community.

J P IWijayasri


Seylan Bank - Kolpetty

Donations will go towards the following grassroots movements;

  • Community meal share

  • Feed the fasting - a Siraguhal Initiative

  • Voice of Hope Trust

  • Care Station

  • Sunday Lunch Drive

  • Greater Giving Sri Lanka

  • Colombo Shapers- Dry Ration Distribution

  • Enable Lanka Foundation

  • Low income families

Thank you Saritha for your voice in this space. Follow her on Instagram @sarithairugal to stay updated on donations and transparency.

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