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What is Konectiv Wellness to me?

As the Creative partner of Konectiv Wellness I strive to connect my lived experience to create spaces and experiences that allow "us" to experience "I".

I spent most of my adult life in the advertising industry and half of my entire life (un)learning and reflecting on who I am. My understanding of myself now, in relation to who I used to be has inspired me to become the artist I am today. Wellness is Art, a reflection of our best selves on the canvas of this planet. Join me on this amazing new journey we call "Konectiv Wellness"

I am a Sri Lankan true and true, I have lived my entire life on this amazing island. Was born to and then lived in our capital city following the stream until over a decade ago, I moved to Unawatuna to find myself and my purpose. I am 39 now and this journey as a Sri Lankan has been an infinitely beautiful yet harrowing experience because I chose to do it alone as a singular organism battling the storms, a square peg amongst round holes always. Never questioning but always withering storm after storm - Race, Religion, Culture, Colonization to name a few. I did not know then that battles are exhausting and futile. Battles exhaust us of everything - it aims to vanquish and not see that beneath the smog, under the ashes the earth is always alive and breathing, spewing out new life through the cracks towards the light.

As a Sri Lankan I grew up unaware of my true birthrights. Now as I spend time watching my daughter play and revel in nature, I know now I am ready to claim and pass on my birthrights. Wellness is our birthright, we have the right to feel joy and be way more than comfortable in our own skin. Konectiv Wellness is about reclaiming all which we deny ourselves - our right to our own wellbeing.

The modern world that holds us back was designed by us, we hold the medicine towards restoring what is ours - The connection to ourselves, The connection we have to nature, and the nourishment of a loving community. We have grown up cultivating wealth by sacrificing these deep connections but true wealth lies in these 3 core connections that we are born to experience - We are here to thrive it is our right to not accept anything less.

The representation on the website I used as the icons on the website come from some of the first signs of human life on this island “Our Original Roots”. To me, this represents that wellness is a reflection of how we live. Living on this beautiful planet is an art form and we create art by celebrating our lives with every breath we live through exciting as well as trying times. These 3 cave paintings show us that our connection to ourselves, to nature, and to our community is the key to a fulfilling life and we knew this from the very get-go of life on the island.

We formed Konectiv Wellness with this core intention to live through what we have learned and to create connections that lead us on a pathway towards celebrating life and all it offers us with our community. We are proud to find our purpose in creating spaces for you to experience and start a deeper more meaningful relationship to yourself, to nature, and to our community.


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