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Reiki, Yin Yoga, Conscious Portraits

Rahel sees Yoga, Reiki and Meditations as an expression of living

a conscious life, dedicating love and insights into the well-being

of people around her. In her studies and quests as a lifelong

student, she found her way to live and preserve authenticity in

today’s busy world and reflects this way in her awareness, both

lived and conveyed to her clients.

Her goal is to keep on discovering and uncovering her own

destiny. To be authentic and in a peace of mind.

Rahel believes that we are all our own artist, and that we just

often forget how to create our own life as we got told how the

system works or doesn’t. She strongly believes everyone can

create their own reality and supporting others on their journey is

her mission. Her Reiki Master Gamini taught her how to heal our

own fears and worries in the body.

“We are all energy and we are all capable to heal ourselves.

We just often forget the simple things in life.”

Rahel’s motivation is holding the space and to motivate people

to find their individual yet universally true essence on their journey

of self discovery. She is passionate about achieving a beautiful

co-creation between students and teacher and creating a safe

and expanding space is her highest priority and motivation.

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