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Warrior Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation

The art of self discipline in balance with organizing chaos into holistic conditioning is a

science as much as it is a lifestyle.

Yes, Shanjei is a fitness enthusiast too, just that he does things very differently. His fitness

journey has been one filled with unique paths, taking many turns. From strength based

workouts and conditioning training to mixed martial arts and long distance running...

Shanjei mixes Yoga with his passion for living adventurously, outside the box, defying

conventions with attitude, perseverance and his own style.

Ashtanga entered into his life as not just a new form of training but also as the first step to

his own involution.

Today Shanjei's ground-breaking philosophy stems from a range of different training that he

has put himself through, making him a Vinyasa teacher who fuses effective cardiovascular,

strength & conditioning with Yoga.

It is his belief that Yoga is a priceless tool that anyone, from any background can adapt and

benefit from, embracing the practice to excel in their day to day activities - be it sports or


A healthy body after all leads to a healthy mind.

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